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Hashrate compensation in special cases

The Mining hashrate value of your order placed at HashFrog is approximately equal to the actual hashrate of your plan. Due to the volatility in the mining process; and other factor such as the network environment, it is basically difficult to compute the accrurate hashrate value. As a result, the hashrate may be higher or lower than the average, and the value will fluctuate over a small range. The actual hashrate and the plan hashrate value are very close. If there is a big difference between the two values, i.e. the actual mining hashrate lesser than 95% of the plan hashrate value, please contact us for hashrate compensation after verification.

(Please pay attention to the average daily hashrate, the real-time hashrate might be lower than the plan hashrate value, but the average daily hashrate is consistent with the plan hashrate value)

There are two types of compensation methods for abnormal hashrate fluctuations:

1:1 Deferred compensation
Due to the mining farm power outage, maintenance and other inevitable factors causing the hashrate drop to 0, HashFrog will extend the mining time of the affected plan to a 1:1 ratio:

- If the power outage is less than one hour, the hourly hashrate of the user contract will be affected, and there will be a hashrate compensation (compensation within 24 hours)

- If the power outage lasts for more than one hour, the user will be compensated for the time . That is, the power outage is 1 hour, and the mining time is extended by 1 hour.

- No service charge will be deducted during the power outage period, and no service charge will be paid for the deferred part

Rollover compensation will be automatically added to your account after the power outage resumes. Since each user affected time is different, please refer to the actual compensation time of the order.

HashFrog guarantees the stability of the user's hourly and daily hashrate, if the hashrate operation and revenue records displayed by the third-party observer link are normal, then, the hashrate is considered to be in a stable state.

Hashrate increases compensation
The system detects abnormal fluctuations in hashrate for more than 5% within 24 hours (but does not go to zero at any time), and will automatically increase the hashrate to compensate when the hashrate is sufficient (generally in the next 24 hours or days) until the daily average hashrate returns to normal. Please pay attention to the change in daily hashrate.

Updated on: 08/09/2022

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