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Mining pool revenue payout rules

The pool synchronizes the daily output bill from 8:00 to 16:00 (GMT+8) (from 8:00 yesterday to 8:00 on the same day) and send the mining output of last tuesday to this monday to the user's personal wallet on every Wednesday
The handling fee is borne by the mining pool, users do not need to pay for handling fee;
All mining output belongs to the user, HashFrog platform is not involved in profit sharing.

Minimum payout amount:

Mining PoolMinimum Payout Amount (KDA))Small Payout

Minimum mining payout: if the daily output amount is greater than 2 KDA, payment will be initiated; If the daily output amount is less than 2 KDA, the mining pool can only pay when the accumulated output is greater than 2 KDA
Small payout: the income left in the mining pool after the end of the plan - after the order is completed, payment will be initiated within 48 hours if the KDA output (greater than 0.2KDA) left in the mining pool reaches the threshold value, otherwise, the output will remain in the mining pool

Where does the hashrate output go?

The mining pool will directly pay to the wallet address filled in when purchasing hashrate, without going through the platform.

Updated on: 07/12/2022

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