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How to change your revenue address

If you need to change your revenue address, please go to 【My Account】 - 【My Hashrate】 - 【Hashrate Products】 - 【Basic Information】 - 【Change Revenue Address】

Follow the instructions to fill in the new revenue receiving address, and click confirm

Revenue address modification rules

Area of Modification

After your plan starts to take effect, you can modify the revenue address, the new address must meet the following criteria:
1) The format of the address conforms to the rules on the blockchain(meaning the address should be a valid one)
2) The address is a non-suspicious address and does not appear on the blacklist.

Modification Effective Time

After submitting your application for modification, it would automatically take effect within 5 minutes

Modification Restrictions

Since the modification of revenue address involves the allocation adjustment of HashFrog platform and the data interface at the bottom layer of the mining pool, hence the address of one plan can only be modified once a day.

Modification Impact

1)After the address has been successfully modified, the next mining revenue will be paid to the new address, and the remaining unpaid revenue before the address is modified would also be paid to the new address.
2) After the address is successfully modified, the payment time of the next mining revenue will be delayed (locked in period), and the delay time varies from pool to pool
Mining PoolPayment Delay Time

If the user deletes the address in the "My Account - My Funds - Address Management" section, it will not affect the mining revenue address.

At this stage, we support revenue address modification through 【My Funds】 and 【Personal Wallet Address】.

Updated on: 08/09/2022

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