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What should I do if I deposit to the wrong chain?

A. What is cross-chain charging?

Cross-chain charging is a method for storing tokens across different token addresses, i.e.: sending ETH to a BTC address.
When a user charges tokens through a network not supported by HashFrog, such as Arbitrum, this will be considered as a cross-chain charge.

In both of the above situations, these tokens will be unable to reach the user's HashFrog account and are extremely difficult to recover.

Import to note: HashFrog recommends and warns all users to be careful when charging tokens and ensure that the charging process is correct.

B. Will I be able to recover cross-chain charges?

Recovering cross-chain tokens is an incredibly complicated process with a low chance of success. Not all tokens will be able to be recovered. However, in order to help users recoup losses, HashFrog will assist users in asset recovery accordingly. Please note, again, that this does not mean that assets can be recovered.

C. How can I submit a token recover request?

Please use the e-mail address affiliated with your HashFrog account to send an e-mail to [].

Please include the following information in your e-mail request:

— Transfer amount
— Sender address
— Recipient address
-— Transfer network
— Txid(Transaction ID)
— Address to receive potentially recovered tokens
— Network to receive potentially recovered tokens
— Screenshot of transfer record

HashFrog will make a preliminary assessment of the request and judge the possibility of recovering the tokens. Upon evaluation, if we have confirmed that the tokens cannot be recovered, the recovery service will end, and the user will lose the tokens in question.

If there is a possibility that the user's tokens can be recovered, HashFrog will manually attempt to help the user recover the tokens.

Whether all or part of the tokens are recovered, the user himself/herself must bear all the costs incurred by this recovery service, such as transfer fees. In addition, HashFrog will also charge a certain processing fee (5% of the total amount of funds to be recovered or 20 USDT, whichever is higher). The above fees will be deducted from the tokens recovered from the transaction.

HashFrog is unable to provide a timeframe for token recovery, so we ask that you please wait patiently.

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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