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How long does it take for the calculation to take effect after paying for the plan?

In general , once an order is placed for a hashrate package, it will take effect within a few hours.

Due to the network synchronization delay, it is normal for hashrate products to take effect within a few hours after placing an order.

When the hashrate starts to execute, due to the process of starting the mining machine, the hashrate will gradually increase to the theoretical value. During the subsequent hashrate operation, the system will compensate for the hashrate (by allocating more hashrate for the package in stages) to make up for the lack of hashrate during the startup process.

The real-time hashrate will be higher or lower than the rate of hashrate you purchased due to fluctuations, but the system will ensure that your 24-hour average hashrate reaches the value of hashrate that you purchased.

Updated on: 08/09/2022

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